How to Write Snippets (Answer Targets)

So, this came directly from videos off YouTube by Income School, but it totally works.

Check out my CR lesson blog posts for proof! They win the Google snippet every time:

Celebrate Recovery Lesson 1

A few notes on this strategy, and then PLEASE watch the short videos from Income School.

The answer section (snippet) should answer the main question, be in paragraph format, be bolded to show it is the snippet (lists with many points that answer the question do not need this section), and the heading should clearly ask the question of the search query.

Consider using multiple answer targets if relevant in a long article. Then, let each subheader be the answer. Indicate there is more to the answer (generate interest), but to win the snippet, give a complete answer. Write headings in a way that shows there is more relevant information out there in the article.

Here are a couple of videos to watch to learn how to do this:

Snippet Writing for Google Traffic

Write Google Snippet to Get Traffic

That should give you a good head start on this topic. If you have any questions, let me know!

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